Nippon Grease

“PSH is a distributor of Nippon Grease in Thailand. Especially PSH is handling with their heat treating oil, grease, cutting fluids and rust preventive oil.”
Your PSH representative can help you determine the optimal products for your needs.

Heat Treating oil

Heat Treating oil are used for high-quality metallic materials manufacturing when heating and cooling these materials under special conditions. These are normally mineral oil-based which are used in quenching and tempering.

For example, hot bath quenching, bright quenching, vacuum carburizing and quenching, induction hardening etc. PSH can provide the optimal process controls for your needs.

Viscosity mm2/s Cooling
Distortion Application
40C 100C
Cold type oil Max 35 Max 6 High Large Suitable for all kinds of steel, forged parts, large sizes parts, bolt press parts etc.
Semi-hot type oil 35-150 6-15 Middle Middle Gear, Carburizing shaft, bearing races
Hot type oil Min 150 Min 15 Low Small Gear, Carburizing shaft, bearing races
  • For example, the products which are manufactured in Thailand.
Type Product Viscosity (mm2/s) H value
Features & Application
40◦C 100C
Cold type HIGH SPEED QUENCH OIL NO. 1070 15.5 ±1.5 0. 36-0.40 Features:

  • Excellent Hardenability
  • Good brightness and cleanability.


  • General purpose for high speed quenching oil.
Semi-Hot Hot Quench Oil No.58E 12.0±2. 0 0. 29-0. 33 Features:

  • Stable against oxidative polymerization.
  • Excellent hardenability, distortion, and brightness.


  • General high performance hot quenching oil that also can be used as Martempering oil at high temperature.
Hot type Bright Martemper Oil No.99 18. 6±2. 0 0. 25-0. 29 Features:

  • Excellent distortion and brightness.


  • Widely used for the treatment of radial thick bearing races because of higher hardenability.

Cutting fluids

Cutting fluids are used for metal chip and plastic forming manufacturing. Especially, these products are environmentally friendly.

PSH can provide “Suncut series” which produced by Nippon Grease.

Rust preventive oil

Rust preventive oils are used as surface protection for metals, parts and products from rust. However, the product can be developed by customer requirement.

PSH can provide “Rusfighter series” which produced by Nippon Grease.


Greases are used for equipment which realizes a longer operating and maintenance fee.

For example, bearings, rolling mills, Industrial machinery etc.

PSH can provide not only general greases but also NSF certified greases for food machinery.