Our product range provide special technical which can be serve you a unique solution with high performance for your specific needs.
We are importer of Chemical additives from many countries in Asia.

  • Pigments
  • APAO(Amorphous Poly Alpha Olefin)
  • Xylene resin(Xylene-Formaldehyde Resin)
  • Styrene Phenol

Application :

FRP(Fiber Reinforced Plastics)

  • Automobile parts, Sports gear (golf shaft, tennis racket etc), Airplane, Windmill etc.


  • Potting compound
  • Sealant for semiconductor
  • Sealant for LED
  • Copper Clad Laminate

Paint and Coating

  • Epoxy floor coating
  • Anti-corrosive coating
  • Powder coating
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