Privacy Policy

Acknowledging the importance of protecting personal information, the Company has set the following rules to manage and protect appropriately any personal information which the Company comes to know through the operation of business:


1. Compliance of Laws

The Company commits to protect any personal information obtained through this website, complying with the applicable laws,


2. Management of Personal Information

The Company has the system to protect and manage personal information obtained through this website, and exercises the security measures for preventing mishandling of personal information such as loss, corruption, falsification, leakage, etc. In this manner the Company maintains proper management of personal information.


3. Collection, Use and Sharing of Personal Information

Whenever the Company needs to collect, use or share any personal information, the Company will exercise with highest care.


4. Disclosure, Correction, Supplement, Erasion, Termination of Use, etc. of Personal Information

When the Company receives request from a person who had access to this website, to disclose, supplement, ease, or terminate the use, etc. with regard to the personal information, the Company will handle such request in an appropriate manner acceptable both to the Company and the user.


5. Link to Other Websites

With regard to the privacy protection of any other websites which are linked with this website, please inquire directly of each such site about the privacy protection. The Company assumes no responsibility on that.